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Encuesta sobre Plantas de Tratamiento de Efluentes Líquidos en Argentina: Aspectos Socio-Culturales

dc.contributor.authorNizza, C. (2)
dc.contributor.authorLee, H. J. (2)
dc.contributor.authorSabels, M. (2)
dc.contributor.authorBurlaka, M. (2)
dc.contributor.authorCalvo, D. (2)
dc.contributor.authorAffranchino, G. (1)
dc.contributor.authorRossen, A. (2)
dc.description.abstractThe present work belongs to an interdisciplinary research project carried out collaboratively between the Technological Institute of Buenos Aires and the National Water Institute, regarding the evaluation of the current operative situation of the effluent treatment plants in Argentina. Different aspects of the performance, innovation and technical capacities were revised in a carefully-designed survey. Besides, a sociological section, presented in this work, was included so as to generate evidence about their operational and cultural modalities of the wastewater treatment sector. From the surveys received (65), 41% of the cases are registered in two or more environmental control agencies, and there is a widespread overlap among different agencies responsible for wastewater discharge quality values measurements ​​(58%). Around 57% of the cases carried out significant technological innovations during the last 10 years, and only 15% required specific knowledge from their operators to perform specific tasks. Smaller percentages were obtained regarding capacitation plan to new employees (36%), and the incorporation of specific training and / or updating courses (29%). Considering issues related to environmental protection, the compliance percentages are far from the total, with 40% of the plants reporting an insufficient budget. Given these results, and within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda, the challenge will be to form a permanent matrix of interrelationships between scientific evidence, professionalism and the role of stakeholders of the industrial sector and the State, in order to promote policies that guarantee a greater efficiency and environmental commitment of the sector.
dc.description.fil(1) Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina. (2) Laboratorio Experimental de Tecnologías Sustentables. Instituto Nacional del Agua, Ezeiza, Argentina.
dc.identifier.citationNizza,C.; Lee, H. J.; Sabels, M.; Burlaka, M.; Calvo, D. y col. (2021). Encuesta sobre Plantas de Tratamiento de Efluentes Líquidos en Argentina: Aspectos Socio-Culturales. XXXVII Congreso Interamericano Virtual de Ingeniería Sanitaria y Ambiental. Del 12 al 15 de abril
dc.publisherXXXVII Congreso Interamericano Virtual de Ingeniería Sanitaria y Ambiental
dc.subjectwastewater treatment
dc.subjectsocial dimension
dc.titleEncuesta sobre Plantas de Tratamiento de Efluentes Líquidos en Argentina: Aspectos Socio-Culturales
dc.typeDocumento de conferencia
dc.type.versionVersión publicada


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