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Hydraulic studies for the water intake of Central Costanera




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Two hydraulic problems, associated to the construction by Mitsubishi Corporation of a power plant for Central Costanera, are studied. They are the possible influence of the discharged heated water on the temperature of the intake water and the sedimentation rate in the dredged region around the water intake. The studies are undertaken with numerical techniques. Three nested 2D hydrodynamic models are implemented. They feed a heat transfer model and a sediment transport model. It is shown that the overtemperature at the water intakes manifests itself as more or less definite pulses, with durations of a few hours and with peak values in the range from 2 to 5°C, and that the feedback effect is quite small. On the other hand, a maintenance dredging between 10 and 30 m3/month is estimated for the dredged zone, with null values of siltation close to the intake itself, up to distances of about 15 m, and with an increment of siltation volume between 0.5 and 1.5 m3/month for each additional meter of dredging zone length.


Fil: Menéndez, Ángel N. Ministerio de obras públicas. Secretaría de infraestructura y política hídrica. Instituto Nacional del agua. Subgerencia laboratorio de hidráulica. Programa de hidráulica computacional; Argentina.


Muestreo de agua, Modelación matemática, Sedimentación